Friendly URLs

Potential problems using Friendly URL Alias Paths

When using Friendly URL alias paths, MODx constructs URLs with a full path to the referenced resource taking into account the alias names of all parent container resources tracing from the referenced resource back to the site root.

eg.  if I have a resource with ID=22 aliased 'doc1.html' located inside a top level container resource aliased 'mynotes', then referencing this resource with the tag [[~22]] will make MODx construct the URL mynotes/doc1.html

But note that MODx always constructs the resource to be relative to the document root, irrespective of the page on which the reference is placed.

If you have problems with such relative links, check to be sure you have the 'base' tag in your page template 'HEAD' section.

i.e. <base href="" />

or better still, <base href="[[++site_url]]" />