Tags in MODx Revolution

Tag PurposeTag SyntaxExample
Inserts the value of a system wide setting [[++KeyName]] [[++site_name]]
Inserts a resource attribute [[*AttributeName]] [[*pagetitle]]
Inserts the value of a Template Variable
(same tag syntax as resource attribute)
Insert HTML Chunk [[$ChunkName]]
Insert HTML Chunk
(arguments get copied into corresponding placeholders in chunk text)
[[$ChunkName? &arg1=`xxx` &arg2=`yyy` &argnn=`zzz`]]
PHP Snippet insertion [[SnippetName? &arg1=`xxx` &arg2=`yyy` &argnn=`zzz` ]]
Placeholder (values filled in from within a PHP Snippet, or from a Chunk argument) [[+PlaceholderName]]
Link to another resource [[~DocumentID]]

Cache Control

For snippets, chunks, template variables and placeholders, '[[' = Cached, '[[!' = Uncached